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gan lan xu

One day last month or a few months ago, Jenny and I were in her car and she said “Judy, do you know what genre of music I just discovered? Taiwanese folk music. I really like it.” I thought she meant like… OLD folk music, like the stuff we used in chinese dance, but she meant the folk movement in taiwan in the 70s and 80s.

So she played me this song:

don’t ask me whence i came
my home is far, far away.
why wander so far?

for the little birds flying carefree in the big sky
for the small streams flowing clear and blue from the mountaintops
for the grass fields swept across the wide steppes
i wander so far.

and… also…
for the olive trees in my dreams.
don’t ask me whence i came…
my hometown is far, far away.

why do you wander so far?
for the olive trees that i see in my dreams.

I love this song very much. Here are the lyrics in chinese after the jump. Lisa, I’m thinking of you when I do this detailed writeup. Continue reading gan lan xu