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too close to home


This is heartbreaking. I am heartbroken.

I could do what I did the last time an article about how to epically fail at raising successful children broke me, which is list every meta-article I could find.

Interview with the author:

In which I reveal how closed-minded I am

[Disclaimer: I may or may not mean any of this. This post is to document my “make-fun-of-everything” –> “realize I am closed-minded” process.]

So, here I am in a Super 8 in Coralville, Iowa. Coralville is a town right on top of Iowa City (Ryan likes to say that it’s sort of like how Emeryville is near Berkeley, but Coralville is even closer to IC). Like the Emeryville-Berkeley relationship, Iowa City is the college town with the busy streets lined with small shops and restaurants, while Coralville has all the urban sprawl. Unlike Emeryville, Coralville is kind of dingy. Unlike Berkeley, Iowa City is chock-full of bars, which are in turn chock-full of people. Pictures here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/judytuna/sets/750102/

Iowa City has a really strange “I want to be Berkeley” complex. Continue reading In which I reveal how closed-minded I am