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Yesterday I failed to buy 2-cent stamps because I left my house for the post office at 5 ’til 5. Today I failed to get a science fiction book I’ve been meaning to read because 1) I forgot its name and 2) the berkeley public library (which I haven’t stepped inside of since 2002?) doesn’t open ’til 10. I watched a hummingbird dart between purple white blooms. It’s so grey outside and there was no sunlight to make the bird’s coat a lustrous green: they’re so brown in the fog. Buggers (term of endearment) sure go fast, though. Hummingbirds must consume a lot of energy. They must be incredibly efficient. Maybe it does not take that much energy to turn nectar into power (like it does to turn bamboo into usable calories). Walking on Shattuck before 9am between Cedar and Rose is pretty funny: people bearing Starbucks cups travelling north, and people bearing cheeseboard pastries travelling south. I have safely ensconced in my unmarked brown paper bag one chocolate thing and one brioche. “Don’t post signs: we have alerted the police” in red text on cha-ya’s window, and so I’ve had “all the scars on your skin: post no bills” … “for the holes in our soles host no thrills” going ’round and ’round in my head for a while. whoooooo yooooooou weeerrrreeeeeee was so beaoooooooooooooooooootifulllllllllll