Spot sings League of Legends holiday carols

Tonight, I made Spot the Octopus sing two holiday carols for 25MTS! 1. Spot the Octopus – League of Legends Jingle Bells 2. Twelve Days of Snowdown, but, uh, I can’t upload things > 2 mb. haha Well, here they both are on Posterous, because it has a built-in flash player. xposted on

kindergarten was a long time ago

While I was at home, I only looked in one box. I found a small plastic bag of pictures. Here is just one of them. I’ll scan them at some point, but the power is out in half of my apartment, so I’m camped out in the living room right now.


I once said in guild chat that someone was a font of knowledge. There was some discussion of whether “font” was acceptable, or if it was “fount.” I thought that “font” was an acceptable spelling of “something that something else comes from”, like a baptismal font or something…. but it’s not Language Log in Dinosaur… Continue reading fount


Elvin and Jeremie lit fires under my ass to make it happen. Without them, and without Dean’s support, none of this would have happened. I organized a party to watch the finals of the GSL, the biggest Starcraft II open tournament right now. It’s in korea, so in order to watch it live, we had… Continue reading GSL party a GREAT SUCCESS

yay giants

holy shit! i hear horns, people screaming, firecrackers… it’s really crazy out there, and i’m sick in my room with stuffy sinuses and the windows closed. this is totally nuts. edit 8:22pm… it’s fucking insane!!! there’s a mob outside of the corner store across the street and they’re just in the middle of the street,… Continue reading yay giants

zelda on 3ds and i jizzed in my pants. saw nintendogs+cats on their channel too. since the touch screen is the bottom one, and the 3d is the top one, they had to make a paper doll for your cat on the bottom screen for you to touch with the stylus, and you watch a representation of… Continue reading zelda on 3ds

i made this

Also, mama plott is awesome I wish I’d taken a picture with Tasteless and Day9 at Blizzcon, but I didn’t want to wait in the really big line, and Day looked really, really tired, and his foot hurt…. I watched Elvin take a picture instead. =) Elvin was very happy.