I’m expecting backlash, but I’m prepared to learn new things.

Correct me if I’m behind the times in terms of Catholicism, but as far as I know, if you’re a good Catholic, you have to believe everything in the scriptures and everything the Roman Catholic Church (the Popes and Councils) decides is divinely revealed.

“Further, all those things are to be believed with divine and Catholic faith which are contained in the Word of God, written or handed down, and which the Church, either by a solemn judgment, or by her ordinary and universal magisterium, proposes for belief as having been divinely revealed.” (Dogmatic Decrees of the Vatican Council, On Faith, Chapter III. Found in Philip Schaff, The Creeds of Christendom (New York:Harper, 1877), Volume II, pp. 244-245).

Further, from (John Hardon, The Question and Answer Catholic Catechism (Garden City: Image, 1981):
44. What must a Catholic believe with divine faith?
A Catholic must believe with divine faith the whole of revelation, which is contained in the written word of God and in Sacred Tradition.

45. Can a person be a Catholic if he believes most, but not all, the teachings of revelation?
A person cannot be a Catholic if he rejects even a single teaching that he knows has been revealed by God.

46. What will happen to those who lack ‘the faith necessary for salvation’?
Those will not be saved who lack the necessary faith because of their own sinful neglect or conduct. As Christ declared, ‘He who does not believe will be condemned’ (Mark 16:16).

47. Why is divine faith called catholic?
Divine faith is called catholic or universal because a believer must accept everything God has revealed. He may not be selective about what he chooses to believe

Thus, if someone is a good Catholic they HAVE to believe ALL the Catholic Dogmas. They don’t get to examine them, question them and decide they’re true (though I admit that could still happen). That’s the nature of Catholicism. If you are not ready to believe every single one of the Catholic Dogmas, you will be “condemned”. That’s pretty intolerant of those who don’t believe now isn’t it?