I know how that feels… There are constantly too many things to learn, too many projects I’m excited about doing, and too many opportunities that can’t be missed. For me at least, I was terrified by the thought that I’d ever feel like I didn’t do my best and somehow regret not “giving it my all”. Then I realized how dumb that was once I reached my limit too. I could tell I’d reached it because I’d get upset and start raging and/or bawling over the stupidest shit like spilling juice on my pants or finding out my roommate ate my leftover pizza. There’s only so much bandwidth we have. I still completely believe in pushing my limits in a way that challenges me, but I also realized that I have to be nice to myself. Not just for the sake of sanity, but for the sake of doing good work consistently. I decided that giving myself the latitude to do those non-“work” related, spontaneous things is important to get some restful perspective in a way that helps me be even more ON when I need to be. I don’t think getting burnt out or feeling overwhelmed is any sign of weakness, I think it’s our brain telling us that it needs those other experiences to stay balanced.