YES, that’s one of the biggest features we want to race to next–doing the whole interaction within one call. I know that Twilio can record and transcribe and then do something with the transcription, but I don’t know (yet) if it can do it on the fly. Even if it has to call you back, though, it would be great to have functionality that doesn’t require texting. There are really hard things about it … like, our app right now is VERY simple and doesn’t have disambiguation yet (it doesn’t even handle incorrect caps yet haha) and if we did speech-to-text, it would definitely have to have disambiguation in place.

I remember as a kid, there was a phone number you could call that would connect you to your local library, and there would be an answering machine recording of someone reading a storybook. They’d change out the recording every week. I thought it was really cool. Imagine if we could do this for Wikipedia, too. There could be a separate number for the Simple English wikipedia geared towards younger kids!!!!! Maybe it would serve up a random article~!!!!!! omg!!!!!!