Thank you very much!! =D Haha, you found me somehow! o_O

From the beginning of 25mts through mid-January, I was recording on my laptop (using the onboard mic D:), which is a macbook pro. So I was using osx, and Audacity (an awesome program). Ever since we started streaming, though, I’ve been using the same laptop, but with windows7 in bootcamp. I’m still using Audacity, but I haven’t fiddled with the sound settings on the Windows install enough, because the mic appears to be picking up more background noise. =( It sucks because it’s the same hardware… so I apologize for the sound quality of the last few episodes. We’re hoping to pick up some better equipment soon.

Thank you again for the kind words. They mean so much to us!! We never thought that people would actually tune in every week, but it’s happening!! And podcast team member Chi just got hired by Riot, so we’re gonna have an insider’s look at LoL soon =) It’s really exciting to be a part of, and I’m glad you’re here to support =D =D

Be well!