I adore the books. View proof and discover what form they say my daemon takes, at least in the first month of 2004: http://judytuna.livejournal.com/79124.html haha

Have you asked your friends? What have they said? I think a Violaceous Jay suits me. Look how it spasms every time it calls, too; it looks like it really means it: http://ibc.hbw.com/ibc/phtml/votacio.phtml?idVideo=10876&Cyanocorax_violaceus hahahaha

I have plenty more to say about the movies that didn’t make it out of my fingertips. Loved the part where Lyra and Roger are walking on the rooftops and Roger’s daemon slips and falls and poofs into a little birdie. And Hester’s ears cocking to the side to match Lee Scoresby’s head tilt, just so. That was just wonderful. Annoyed at lack of blood during bear fight. Jury is out on daemon death effect: it is pretty, to be sure, but too obvious; “hey, let’s have them die in a swirl of golden Dust, to prove the point!” –if daemons died in a swirl of Dust, it wouldn’t be so hard for people to accept the cutting-edge experimental theologians who talked about Dust. Loved the machines, in particular the projector that Lord Asriel operates in the Retiring Room; that was just the right amount of clockworky and old-timey-victoriany and future-sciencey. Distinctly did not like the image projected; they obviously took a cue from HP and had the guy in the photogram waving happily, and Dust looked a little corny. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Really I just want to see Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig make out.

I actually just read book 1 today. I hadn’t read them for a while and I missed them.