So much to comment!

Ooh, I love xiao long bao. Where did you go in Cupertino village? There’s a little Shanghai restaurant in Daly City where my grandma use to live and they have the best steamed dumplings ever. They also have the red bean pancake that I love – “do sa guo bing”. Yummm!

Isn’t that insane about Vallco? My brother said during the construction, one of the cranes or something fell into Vallco through the roof. This was during the rainy season so all this water collected inside too. I’m sure they patched it up by now. I think they should turn Vallco into some Asian strip mall. That’ll bring a lot more business there. Just look at how popular Dynasty is!

When I go shopping, I actually do plan my route! I decide which stores I want to go to and what would be the most efficient route. I hate going to VF on the weekends. It’s too big and there’s always too many people. It’s nice to go later in the day though, or I just go to Stanford. I’ll take you to Walnut Creek Broadway Plaza sometime. That place is really cute.

How often do you go back to San Jose?