Re: while i agree with this in principle

haha. yeah. And E, I do think it is a little unfair that he is using class time to talk about what could be considered “extra stuff,” making it so we have to go to office hours if we have problems with the material, when it should ostensibly be the other way around. Though I have to admit I really kind of like his tangents in a masochistic kind of way. And I guess he argues that he IS teaching the course material, it’s his role to “excite” his students about the concepts and show us about “beautiful” applications, and if we can’t follow them, we’re stupid. See, he keeps talking about how we are at BERKELEY, and how we should be WAY smarter than the target audience of the textbook, because textbook writers like everyone in America are motivated purely by money so they write them to the lowest common denominator … and he demands to know things like “when was the first time you heard of sine and cosine and tangents?” and when we say “13? 14? 15?” he says “SO LATE??? You guys in america… so behind… really, by the time I was 15, I had already mastered all of the concepts in THIS CLASS” … Well … Once you realize he is mostly kidding, or that’s just the way he talks, then he becomes a lot more bearable. Or something.