Yeah, we never messed with the time or date either… although it was very very tempting on special occasions when more time was needed to get the last piece of furniture in a set (like the Spooky set~~ was 2 hours late to a Halloween party that night as a result~~lame I know).

Oh, bees are kind of tough, you gotta time it just right. Like, I usually would shake the tree, start running, then take out my net and turn and aim. But it’s really kind of a luck with timing sort of thing; I’ve gotten stung a lot, too.

And about the Feng Shui I think it’s trial and error. It seems like sometimes it doesn’t work even though it’s the right color, so I’d just mess around with it. As for points, it seemed like the more random full sets and special items (like the Mario statue or the boat in a bottle) you had scattered throughout the house, the more points you would get… even if the house looked retarded afterwards. So after I got to the max points so I could get the prize, I just went back and organized it to my liking.

Do they have an island in the DS version with the funny turtle that hits on you while he’s sailing you there?