Thanks, mike.

At least I haven’t gotten into crashes which require stitches. Yikes =(

(Though I’m not glad I went to China. I would honestly rather forget about that trip. While we were there, the leaders kept saying to us, “You will look back and remember it as one of the best times of your life!” and we all mocked them for that. However, in some mass “let’s try to keep in touch” emails that were sent a few months ago, some of the people who were the most cynical while there said “it sucked, but I’m so glad I went, and it was one of the best times of my life!” and I felt… betrayed or something. Because I’m not glad I went, and while there I talked to those people about how shitty we all felt, so I thought that they’d be the least likely to turn around and say “best experience of life” a few months later or something. I sound so peevish. “Oh I’m so mad that they have happy memories to look back on.” Ha ha. In short, no, I will never look back on it and remember the better things. There were no better things. *turns into massive brown ogre*)