I think everyone’s entitled to wasted years. 🙂 I still wonder why I’ve only been out of college 2 years and don’t know any one in the singing groups any more. Shouldn’t I have to wait another… oh that’s right, I’ve been out of college 3 years, but I have the missing year when I was looking for work.

And really if you think about it, you’ve probably done a lot more than you give yourself credit for in that one year. I used to mope about my missing year, but I now realize during that time, I saw Cal win a Big Game, I got into a bike accident that required stitches, I got into my first car accident, I got to experience the desperate month to month apartment hunt with little money, I got a drivers license, I discovered the wonder of 24 hour taquerias, etc. Sure they’re little things, but if you add it up, is all the life experience from that 1 year “wasted”? Even the miserable things (that bike accident, being jobless, thousands of dollars in debt, being forced to live at home with crazy family situation when I could handle no more debt)… all in all I did a lot, and learned a lot.

For you, all the places you’ve hiked to (I’m jealous!), the China trip (I’m sure you’ll look back on it one day and remember some of the better things, right? You freaking got to experience everyday life in another country!)…. I’m sure I’m missing a lot more since I’m a little out of the loop, but think about it… the year was NOT wasted.

And if you don’t wanna keep “wasting” years, find something to focus on. Get the job this semester, and focus on finishing school the next. You’re so close, and I’m sure finishing will make you feel better about things.