Actually, I have to stop and think about how old I am too. After a certain age (somewhere around 21), you stop keeping careful count.
A)It’s not a big event that you think about it occasionally all year.
B)It doesn’t make much of a difference in how people treat you or how you’re supposed to be treated.
C)It can actually be stressful to keep track…
and finally,
D)+20 candles is way too many to have on a cake (even an ice cream cake!).

In any case, if you’ve experienced the boredom of doing nothing… why not try something for a change? I can practically guarantee it’s better than nothing.

You must be starving for a little academic action, and even the merest effort will make you feel better than you seem to be feeling, because it’s still progress towards completion. I’m guessing it’ll feel so good you won’t need to consciously “work” at it as much as you think. It’s easier to be excited about classes when you’re bored!

Yay for continuing! Boo for worrying about time off!
Go Judy, go!