hell no. it’s a “chain”–there are 5 or so locations listed on the back of the menu in college towns around the US i think. everything looks very modern and polished. there are at least three, maybe more, TVs in each part of the restaurant (the one in the back is really big), and there is always a generic asian pop video playing. all asian pop videos are exactly the same. they all have the same “washed out” look, where everything is in muted whites and blues and the frames are all too bright. the girls all look the same too. they look wistful and have long hair. all the songs sound the same too. they are ballads about “i will marry you,” or “why did you leave me and now i am so very sad look at me i’m crying.” yeah so the absurd number of gigantic TVs they have in the tiny little place is the biggest reason they are SO not a “real authentic tea house.” they serve food. they have one of those boba machines that seal the top on (i think it does the shaking for you too and stuff). the food is kinda processed, probably, but tasty. greasy. but greasy = tasty. yeah. hehe.