i feel like i’ve been really busy. pcn on saturday was really great. congrats, steph, and everyone involved. (that’s my roommate!!) i skiied with jenny and steve on sunday at kirkwood. i mean snowboarded. i borrowed melinda’s boots and board and since i now have a season pass it was free! it snowed last week in tahoe and it snowed just a tiny tiny tiny bit while we were there on sunday… in the morning it was kinda icy and unpredictable but it softened up as the day rolled along. jenny did her first black diamond! it was great. and then i slept all the way home and read at 10pm easter mass at newman. hehe.

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from michelle’s lj. we should start like a newman community or something. like, yeah.

i just finished kavalier and clay. i loved it. it was great. (he uses the word defenestration on page 562 and i thought it woudl be cool to put that in my aim profile.)

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